Individual & Family Longevity Planning

Our Two-Steps Longevity Readiness & Retirement Readiness Planning Program

"The way our insurance advisor worked with us, not just on insurance but in considering other challenges we face with aging was so refreshing and we are grateful"

                 - Terry & John C, Fairfield, CT

The definition of retirement is changing, meaning different things to different people. The traditional expectations of age are being re-shaped to include longer, more rewarding lives. At OC Insurance we engage in “longevity planning.” Longevity planning integrates wealth, health, and legacy issues and accounts for increased life expectancy now enjoyed by many.

Our approach features the coordination of multiple disciplines to help you realize a secure and fulfilling retirement. This philosophy guides our entire practice. Taking the long view is the hallmark of our process.   The transition into retirement affects all aspects of an individual’s financial plan, including cash flow, risk management, investment planning, health care spending, and survivorship planning to name but a few.

"Find Out If You Are You Missing Out on Financial, Medical, Housing & Governmental Benefits"